A little about me

I've worked as a coach and counselor for over eight years in the field of mental health and personal transformation. Although my professional qualifications are many, what really makes me qualified to work with adults and teens is my personal journey through several major life upheavals. 

I grew up in a chaotic household, with many members who struggled with mental illness. I spent the first 18 years of my life, "white knuckling" it. My depression would come out in sneaky ways including physical self harm, occasional drug use and disordered eating habits. At age 18, what began to emerge was bipolar 2 symptoms. Months of depression would transform into weeks of hyperactivity. I also began a five year long relationship with a beautiful man who had a severe heroin addiction. The journey through his overdoses, cravings, deceit, and withdrawal symptoms was educational, and of course tragic and painful. This addiction eventually killed him in 2017. 

I became extremely ill in 2014 with a variety of physical diagnosis. I dropped out of school, left my relationship, and was in bed for nearly nine months. Through being forced to sit with myself, I discovered the root of much of my unhappiness. I began to let myself grieve and feel years of repressed emotions. My depression lifted, the hyperactivity went away, and eventually my physical symptoms mysteriously lifted. 

Returning from bed back into the world was a long road. I slipped and past symptoms of depression or physical pain would begin to peak back in. I decided to commit myself completely to being of service to others and training or educating myself so that I could be of service that much more. I've since studied different therapeutic modalities from all over the world, and met many intelligent and beautiful people who supported me along the way.

Currently, I work as a coach and mentor for others who are seeking support. I would not be here without my own teachers and guides and am honored to walk along the road with others who are seeking their own wholeness and peace. 

Aiming for Health and Wholeness 

My approach is rooted in supporting people in coming back to simple truths and principles. When we do so, complex, stressful, and often overwhelming situations begin to transform.

Coaching provides an opportunity to cultivate an attitude of compassion and curiosity toward one's own experience, develop new insights about it, and learn and practice new ways of responding to yourself and others.

Modalities + Certifications

Motivational Interviewing
STAGES Developmental Theory
Internal Family Systems
Authentic Relating
Non-Violent Communication
Somatic Processing
Integral Circling
Depth Psychology
Matrix Leadership
Mindfulness and Compassion Training
Integral and 4 Quadrant Thinking

Some words from clients...

Words from teens...

B.  - Boulder, CO
Thank you for helping me get through the death of so many friends and family members, and work through my addiction. Thank you for understanding me and always letting me talk about how I feel. I couldn't do it without you. 
F.  - Loveland, CO
You're the best! Thank you so much for always checking in on me and all the support. I aspire to be as epic as you. Thank you for your kindness and helping me through this process.
G.  - Oregon 
You are awesome sauce! Thank you for being there for me! You are so cool and supportive. 
S.  - Boulder, CO
I'm going to miss working with you so much!!! You have been an amazing, kind, smart and supportive person throughout my process and you are the right person for the job of helping teens. 
L.  - Lakewood, CO
You are the best and thank you for everything you've done for me! Thank you for showing me I can do hard things and for every single talk we had. 
T.  - Houston, TX
Thank you for talking to me and understanding me. You helped me come out of my shell and be less scared.
E.  - D.C
Thank you for everything you have done for me and all of the good check-ins we had. Thanks for getting me and never giving up on me. 
P.  - Denver, CO
Thank you for always being a sympathetic ear and calming presence, that's always invaluable in the midst of rowdy teens with emotional issues. 
A.  - Fort Collins, CO
Thank you for always being there to talk. You helped me feel more normal and less alone. Thanks for showing me that relationships can be healthy.
C.  - Montana
Thanks for talking to me about my parents divorce and my self harm. You're my favorite. 
N.  - Windsor, CO
You helped me realize annoying people don't need to control my life. Thanks for teaching me about compassion.  

Some of my favorite books...

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