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Personal Coaching

Ultimately, it is our relationship we have with ourselves that most greatly affects our relationships with others and the rest of the world. Often suffering is happening because we are disconnected from our self, or unable to access ourselves in the presence of others. Our work will take you to the depths and edges of your self. From here transformation and change can occur.

Often along the road we will...

Create custom practices + habits to support your growth
Work with undigested and metabolized emotions
Feel deeply seen exactly as you are
Gain skills in communicating your wants + needs + expression to those in your life
Learn to relate to your pain, fear, anger, and difficult emotions in ways that create empowerment and freedom. 
Discover the subtle contours of your boundaries and learn how to create safety for yourself

How it works


Let's talk!

Let's start with a 20 minute consultation call. Here we'll discuss your goals, perspective, and really check out if this is a good fit.

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We'll then get to work! Sessions are typically weekly or biweekly, and last 55 minutes. We'll work together anywhere from 3-6 months depending on your goals and process. The program costs between $2,500-$7,000 toal depending on the length and frequency of our work. 


Coaching doesn't last forever! Typically after 3-6 months, depending on your goals and process, we will re-evaluate and a either set up another series of sessions, or support you in transitioning to the next part of your path.
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Drop-in Sessions

Schedule a single drop-in session with Shelby today. 

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Some words from clients...
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