Teens and Families

How is your family?

If you're struggling to connect to your teens, feeling at a loss, angry or frustrated, or struggling to balance between giving kiddos space while also being there to support them, the work we can do in a coaching context will be of service.

Together, we’ll discover how you can reconnect as a family, shift your communication, and create deeper, more authentic and supportive relationships with each other.

The Approach

Every family situation is unique. We’ll customize a program to get us to the place of deepest healing and connection with efficiency and grace. Depending on your family’s needs, our sessions may include  individual meetings with your child, parent meetings, group family meetings, and creative combinations thereof.
Create more connection in your family
Lay the groundwork for long term health in your family
Practice practical and game changing communication skills
Repair past pains and clear the air so that you all can move forward
Discover what REALLY matters to you in your family 
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Teen Drop-in Session

Schedule a single drop in session for your teen. 

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Words from teens...

B.  - Boulder, CO
Thank you for helping me get through the death of so many friends and family members, and work through my addiction. Thank you for understanding me and always letting me talk about how I feel. I couldn't do it without you. 
F.  - Loveland, CO
You're the best! Thank you so much for always checking in on me and all the support. I aspire to be as epic as you. Thank you for your kindness and helping me through this process.
G.  - Oregon 
You are awesome sauce! Thank you for being there for me! You are so cool and supportive. 
S.  - Boulder, CO
I'm going to miss working with you so much!!! You have been an amazing, kind, smart and supportive person throughout my process and you are the right person for the job of helping teens. 
L.  - Lakewood, CO
You are the best and thank you for everything you've done for me! Thank you for showing me I can do hard things and for every single talk we had. 
T.  - Houston, TX
Thank you for talking to me and understanding me. You helped me come out of my shell and be less scared.
E.  - D.C
Thank you for everything you have done for me and all of the good check-ins we had. Thanks for getting me and never giving up on me. 
P.  - Denver, CO
Thank you for always being a sympathetic ear and calming presence, that's always invaluable in the midst of rowdy teens with emotional issues. 
A.  - Fort Collins, CO
Thank you for always being there to talk. You helped me feel more normal and less alone. Thanks for showing me that relationships can be healthy.
C.  - Montana
Thanks for talking to me about my parents divorce and my self harm. You're my favorite. 
N.  - Windsor, CO
You helped me realize annoying people don't need to control my life. Thanks for teaching me about compassion.  
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