8-week Parenting Essentials Course  

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For parents of struggling teens

These tips can really help you build up quite a sizeable Iphone movie collection, but only if you are smart.

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How it works

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Live Class Time

Weekly 90-minute live classes. During this time, we'll have time to process, ask questions and get live support on real issues affecting you and your teens.

Learning Modules

Each week, we will focus on 1-2 essential parenting skills that will transform your relationship with your teen. 


This course is not meant to "Stay in vegas". Weekly integration practices, homework opportunities and conversations that will change your family.

What support will I receive in this program?

These tips can really help you build up quite a sizeable Iphone movie collection, but only if you are smart.

Weekly support calls 

A weekly 90 minute call dedicated to group support, Q&A’s, and individual processing of the week’s material.

Community Access

We are in this together. With both your cohort and an alumni group, you have access to other like-minded individuals with whom you can process, integrate, discuss, and apply what is covered in class.

Active Facilitators

One-on-one and group support from facilitators dedicated to your in-course success and overall well-being

Integration Support

A variety of broad and far-reaching integration techniques will be provided, with both take-home materials and live instruction given.


Module 1

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Module 2

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Module 3

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Module 4

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Module 5

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Module 6

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Learn at your own pace

You have lifetime access to the training recordings and handouts. You can go through the materials each week as they’re released and participate live, or you can slow things down and work on your own schedule. If you’re working a full-time job, several part-time jobs, getting married, having a baby, traveling around the world, or dealing with prohibitive life events during the live program – don’t worry. You can’t fall behind. Remember, you can revisit and review the training materials any time.


Join us! 


Meet the Team

Shelby Robbins

Coach and Facilitator
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A final note... 

This course is intensive and challenging. There are no silver bullets, simple formulas or guaranteed results.

Building a life of examined, functional, and sustainable relationship requires enormous focus, courage and tenacity. Most of all, it requires consistent action and an ability to act in accordance with a long-term vision.

As the adage goes, give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. However, teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. In this way, our primary goal is to support you in building up the toolset you need to live a graceful and fulfilling life. 
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